Never Use Regular Shampoo On Your Beard

Washing that beard with shampoo might seem like the best of ideas, but it isn’t really the best int he grand scheme of things. Each man, thinks he can put shampoo on his beard like the hair on his head. Though, they are unaware of the effects of doing that. Most shampoos sold at the store are made to strip away oils from your hair. Horribly, the oils stripped from your beard prevent it from growing in more. The beard needs those oils to keep it hydrated and promote beard growth. Due to, I would like to re-educate you and inform you to use the best beard shampoo and conditioner instead.


Lock in Beard Colors

Beard shampoos do a good job on locking in colors for you to show off to others. Colors in the beard lose over time. They need a chemical to give it the right motivation to stay vibrant and colorful. Regular shampoo only strips the colors away by not giving the beard enough water. Beards need water inside them. Want to know what happens when you don’t have water in beard? The color fades away little by little. You won’t notice it at first. But, after about a week the time comes for you to notice the grey hairs spewing up. Get that under control before it makes your beard look old real fast. Myself, I am a very old man. Though, I want my beard to make me look like I am in my 30’s again. Want other people to think the same way? Add on the best beard and shampoo conditioner to help your beard grow in color.

Installs Beards Smells You’ll Love

Now, beard shampoos come with a scent that I am sure you’ll love. Wear the oak scent on beard to have a manly smell and make people think you want simple things. Try the sweet beard shampoo to make your beard smell like apples or strawberries. Weekly, I like to try on the apple beard shampoo to give my beard that apply juice taste. I am always drinking apple juice, so I figured my beard should have some of it too. Hey, you got to have fun with your beard sometimes. No need to be all serious and focused on doing things that men are “supposed” to do. Have some fun with your beard and make interesting like life.

Much more, scents on beards make women pay more attention to you. Women love to smell men. Curious on how they smell from the inside and out. Convince your women to see you in much lovely light. Their noses are always smelling men from the back anyway. Approach your new date with a smell that will draw her in. Studies, have been conducted that women like smelling things. Make her like you by wearing a beard shampoo that will draw her in to your face. Look into her eyes and provoke her to make a kiss with your beard. Sounds crazy, but it very likely to work and all you need to do is give it a chance.

Prevents Dreaded Dandruff Stuck in Beard

The number one reason to use beard shampoo is get rid of that dandruff. Dandruff causes beard to itch. The itch, can last days or months depending on how much. Do you want the itch to last that long? To add, dandruff shows up in the beard. Appearing in small white or yellow flakes. People around you will notice the flaky white stuff. You might not care about dandruff today. But, what if the flaky beard got out of control? Don’t be that guy and wash your beard with the best beard shampoo or conditioner today. If nothing else give you a reason to use beard shampoo, then let this be the reason o use it.