Pregnancy-safe hair color alternatives for the stylish mom

Pregnancy glow. Ahh, what a pleasure to experience that when you are expecting. Unfortunately, not every pregnant woman is gifted with such a glow. Many complain about unpleasant skin, hair, and nail changes that they have to conceal or manage to lessen the negative feelings that they may have in response to other pregnancy-related symptoms that they experience.

In general, women would rather have a drastic change in their hair when they are filled with a lot of emotions that they can’t seem to handle. You might have even observed yourself doing that. And one of the things that even pregnant women would like to do is to have a change of color on their heads. However, as you may all be aware of the susceptibility of the child in the womb to anything that gets into the mother’s blood, questions about safe hair dye for pregnancy will always be asked.

So, is hair dye safe for pregnancy?

Generally speaking, hair dye is safe for expectant moms to use. However, those who are a bit of a worrier may still contend that there are several dangerous chemicals that may expose the mother as well as the unborn child to certain cancers. If you would go through a few related studies on this claim, you will note that there is some truth in this. However, there are also studies that prove otherwise. Moreover, there are healthier options that any pregnant woman can use if she would really like to have a new hair color to flaunt.

First of all, there is a limited study on this subject. Even health experts can’t agree on what side to take with regards to the use of hair dyes. The American Cancer Society expressed that most of the studies linking hair dyes to cancer, particularly breast cancer, have not established any significant connection, however. Many hair dyes also contain thousands of chemicals that make it difficult to establish a consistency in the testing procedures as well as in the results.

In addition to this, constant hair color formulas are constantly changing, thus making it difficult to create a generalized assumption on the matter.

Even with the limited amount of information on this, there is a general opinion expressing acceptance of the use of hair dyes during pregnancy. Even expert opinions like those coming from the Mayo Clinic indicated that the chemicals found in hair colors “aren’t generally thought to pose any adverse effect to a developing baby.

Just to stay safe, you may take side with those (including many health experts) who recommend having any hair treatment, including hair dyes, on the latter part of the pregnancy instead. If you still would rather have it at any time during your pregnancy, then it’s best that you consider our recommendations.

Here are better options that you may consider when planning to have your hair dyed even while you are pregnant:

  1. Go natural. Fortunately, a stylish mom like you has more options than the regular hair dyes that you may see in the market. Here are some of your better choices:
  • If you want a darker shade, opt for a concentrated tea extract. For lighter hue, however, your better choice is a chamomile tea decoction.
  • If you prefer a brownish to reddish shade on your mane, you can opt for henna. This is the same dye used to do tattoos.
  • For a deeper black hue, another option will be a combination of henna dye and Indigo. This dark blue dye has been used for ages to dye hair as well as textiles. When used with the reddish henna, your black hair will look even darker.
  • Black tea or coffee. If you’ve got a medium hair shade and want to have a darker shade or give your hair some depth, you can use this as an option for your regular hair dye.
  • Lemon juice. For some interesting highlights, applying some freshly squeezed lemon juice on a few strands of your hair or parts of your hair where you want some lighter shade to show will do the trick.
  1. Always do a patch test before having your hair dyed. Just to make sure that your skin will not show any irritation or allergic reaction, do a patch test.
  2. Do a strand test. There are times that hormonal changes in your body may affect the way your hair responds to the substance that you will apply on your hair and the resulting hue may not be what you are expecting to have. To prevent ending up with an unintended shade, do a strand test first.
  3. Always have your hair colored in a well-ventilated room.
  4. Wear a pair of gloves any time you are having your hair colors done yourself.
  5. Make sure to follow the directions indicated in the box. Do not leave any color longer than it should on your hair.
  6. Go ombre or have highlights instead. Streaks of color on your hair tips or on few strands of your hair will also look fantastic. It will also be a safer options as it won’t take longer to do and only a small part of your hair will get in contact with the hair color.
  7. If you wish to have regular brands on your hair, look for ammonia-free hair dyes. Ask your hairstylist to consider that as well. If you can bring your own color, that will be a better option.
  8. Have your hair rinsed thoroughly from your hair and off your skin under until the water runs totally clear.


Your hair may go frizzy or be out of shape when you are pregnant. You can opt for a better shade to make it look as to how you want it to, or you can opt for healthier alternatives to gain the natural luster that your mane have during pre-pregnancy. As always, your diet and lifestyle will influence how your body (that includes your hair!) will respond to your pregnancy. You can always consult your health provider for better ways to manage your health to keep your hair looking great even while you are pregnant.


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